Global Ingress – Railway Services

Global Ingress  is a privately held company, headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Our team have an extensive background in the United States, Canada and International Industry focusing on large capital systems and projects in Mass Transit as well as Freight Railroads. Our goal is to support small and medium sized international companies with their market entry strategy in the United States. We will support the entire process from the first idea to enter a new market until a solid business is established.

We also support American companies in their market entry to European countries. Our focus industry is Rail Technology but also other Technology Industry like mechanical or electrical engineering, project management, manufacturing, establishing local partners, Buy America, and much more. We establish a market entry strategy based on many years of local experience and support the implementation. We know what the American customers expect and will support you in the successful implementation of your strategy.

Global Ingress focuses on systems and products for the freight and transit rail segment both and represents Hima’s vital PLC’s (Cenelec SIL 4), Fraenkische’s FIPSYSTEMS the innovation in cable management, Peiker International, Ganser CRS common rail injection systems for Diesel engines, Alpha Diagnostics, system to diagnose combustion engines,  Vaber Industriale with shield paint and Wolber Antriebstechnik’s Switch Machines.

Based on a large background in mechanical and electrical engineering, project management of large and complex technical projects, local manufacturing, establishing local partners, Global Ingress will work on supporting partner companies outside of the rail industry.

Norwin K. Voegeli

President & CEO

Norwin K. Voegeli, is the founder and owner of Global Ingress since its creation in 2012 (United Rail at this time). A native of Switzerland and a permanent US resident, he works in Rail Automation and Signaling in the international and North American railway services markets since 2000.

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Andrea Voegeli

Controller / Office Manager

Andrea Voegeli takes care for the entire Global Ingress Business Administration. A native of Germany and a permanent US resident, she brings 12+ years of experience in Business Administration in international and North American markets

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Brad McLelland, P.E.

Director Engineering

Brad holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in several states as well as the province of Ontario, Canada. Brad has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. Brad has been working in the railway services industry since 1990.

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