US Representation of  Technology companies

Global Ingress looks to represent small and medium sized International Technology companies in the United States. We are open to act as distributor or agent and can provide sample contracts. We supported many European based Rail Technology suppliers and provide a well-established network to the transit authorities, commuter rail and freight railroad customers. Our team is well connected with customers and rail companies worldwide. As Global Ingress we like to open our scope to all kind of Technology based business. Our main experience is in Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Technology.

Headquartered in the U.S, Global Ingress understands the American business processes and culture, and are currently working with companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Finland, Columbia, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

We support companies on both sides of the ocean to better understand their business practices and build the bridge between the different cultures in an effort to support our clients in launching, developing and growing their business in the US.

Global Ingress understands that a local presence and communicating effectively in English is vital in providing U.S. based customer support. Headquartered in the U.S., we can assist during business hours in the same time zone. Our team communicates effectively in English and provides 1st and 2nd level customer support.

Global Ingress is experienced in and a part of the U.S. Rail Industry. We understand the importance of gaining customer access and ensuring the price is in line with existing technology. Global Ingress offers better technology, added value and return on investments.

Global Ingress applies American Standards vs. European Standards (PTC vs. ETCS, IEEE vs Cenelec, FRA vs. EBA/BAV) and we understand BuyAmerica (65%) & BuyAmerican (100%). Global Ingress utilizes obsolescence management.

How Global Ingress Can Help:

  • Direct representation to customers as distributor or agent
  • Customer access
  • Cultural business support
  • Knowledge and experience in U.S. market
  • Interpretations of specifications
  • Buy America/Buy American support
  • Local support (technical and inventory)
  • Project management, engineering, account management, after sales support
To learn more regarding Representation, please contact us.