US market is No. 1 for Swiss exporters – and it is the market with the greatest growth potential

Media release from Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

August 16th 2022

US market is No. 1 for Swiss exporters – and it is the market with the greatest growth potential

In 2021, for the first time in history, the US market became the largest export market for Swiss companies. It was also the market with the fastest growth, surpassing growth to China both in % and in absolute value. And it is also the market with the largest potential for growth in the coming years. It is time to recognize the USA as a major driver for the success of the Swiss economy.

With exports to the USA in 2021 totaling CHF 46.9bn, the USA market was the largest export market for Swiss goods for the first time in history. It exceeded exports to Germany (CHF 44bn) and to China (CHF 15.6bn). Over the last 10 years, exports to the USA grew 136% (CHF 27bn), compared with growth to Germany (10%, CHF 4.1bn) and to China (86%, CHF 7.2bn). Chemical-pharmaceutical products were clearly the main driver of growth, but except for watches, all sectors saw a growth rate to the USA superior to the growth rate to the rest of the world. Today, Swiss companies export more to the USA than to France, Italy, UK and Austria combined, three times as much as to China and twice as much as to the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) combined. The first half of 2022 confirmed these results. In addition, US companies are the largest direct investors in Switzerland and the USA are the largest destination of direct investment for Swiss companies. Is it not about time to publicly recognize the great success of the Swiss-American business relationship?

Swiss exports are currently going 53% to the EU, 19% to the USA and 6% to China. The rest of the world makes up a mere 22%. With our relationship with the EU troubled and business with China getting more complicated by the day, where else than in the USA should export-driven Switzerland find relevant growth?

In September 2021, Swiss Amcham and Accenture Research published a report “The Future of Swiss Companies in the USA”. This report demonstrates the great opportunities for Swiss companies in the coming years. With large investment programs in infrastructure, near-shoring of manufacturing, health care and other sectors in which Swiss companies excel, Swiss companies face a great future in the US market. In addition, the newly passed “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA) will lead to massive additional investments in green technologies and renewable energy, sectors with a large number of Swiss champions. IRA should make the USA a leader in the cut of greenhouse-gas emissions, reducing emissions by 40% from 2005 levels in 2030.

For US companies based in Switzerland (and the same goes for international Swiss companies), the troubled relationship of Switzerland with the EU brings serious uncertainties. With the current exclusion of Switzerland from the Horizon research program and from the Erasmus education program, with the cancellation of the multilateral recognition agreements in the medtech sector (construction, MEM and pharma sectors coming up in the next two years), the refusal to continue the negotiations towards an Energy Agreement and a Health Agreement, and the open questions regarding the equivalency of the data protection, some serious ques-tions are being raised regarding the attractiveness of Business Location Switzerland. Finally, the drive towards a global minimum tax and additional minimum taxes for US companies is making Switzerland an (even) costlier place to do business. Time to remember that attracting foreign investments is an international full-contact sport!

Please contact us for more information:

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Global Ingress represents Gasporox SA in the US

We represent the Swedish company Gasporox:

Gasporox has invented the unique technology of non-intrusive and non-destructive headspace oxygen gas inspection for vials, IV bags, etc. The two Instruments GPX1500 Vial and GPX1500 Film Pharma are on the market since more than a year.

What makes our devices unique:
– Non-destructive and non-invasive headspace Oxygen measurement
– Super-fast: Result is provide within 2 seconds
– GPX1500 Vial: Several types of containers are supported: Vials and Ampoules of different size
– GPX1500 Film Pharma: Primary and secondary bags of all kind of size can be tested w/out the loss of the bag
– Very easy to use: 5 minutes instruction is enough for the routine use / user friendly touch screen
– Parameter free: All format settings are factory preset
– Very fast startup: After one minute the instrument is ready for measuring
– Calibration free
– Calibration certificates for different formats are provided. Yearly recalibration only for regulatory purpose

Gasporox AB is a Swedish company specialized in laser-based headspace analysis for quality inspection of packages. Gasporox offers world leading solutions for your parenteral inspection. The company has developed and commercialized the tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, offering an effective and fast gas measurement for quality assurance of packages in
pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

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USA is #1 for Swiss exports!

On April 12, 2022, the Swiss government has finally published what we all knew since early January:

Swiss exports to the USA have surpassed exports to Gemany for the first time in history. With this

development, the US market is now the largest export market for Swiss goods. Not bad considering

that 10 years ago, exports to Germany were double those to the USA, while exports to France, to Italy

and to the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) were all about the same as those to the USA. Today,

Switzerland exports more to the USA than France, Italy, UK and Austria combined, more than twice

than to the BRICS countries and more than to Germany!

Main contributor for this export bonanza was the chemical-pharma sector, contributing about two

thirds of the growth. But except for the watch sector, all sectors had a higher growth rate to the USA

than to the rest of the world. In the case of food, the growth rate was 11.5% p.a., more than twice the

growth rate to the rest of the world.

The US market was truly the locomotive for the successful Swiss export economy. But let’s not forget

that the EU is still very important. It might have lost some 10% points, but it still represents 52% of

Swiss exports. The BRIC countries were disappointingly stuck at just 8.8% for the last 10 year. We

will need to nurture all markets but keep a special eye on the locomotive USA.

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What the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Will Mean for American Mobility

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a generational investment in America’s transportation network. It will allow the nation to modernize its infrastructure, making it safer and more resilient. It will make our transportation systems more equitable and help fight climate change. It will create hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs and lay the foundation for America to compete and win in the 21st century.

Fact Sheet: What the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Will Mean for American Mobility

The U.S. Department of Transportation stands ready to implement the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and help States, counties, local governments, transit agencies, rail operators, airport and ports:

• Reduce the backlog for major repairs for highways and bridges by almost 20%
• Spur the creation of a nation-wide network of 500,000 EV chargers by 2030 including a special program for smaller and underserved communities
• Fix up to 10 of the most economically significant bridges in the nation, and repair over 15,000 smaller bridges across the country
• Reconnect as many as 20 communities by removing portions of interstates, redesigning rural main streets and repurposing former rail lines
• Increase the number of communities that have strategies to reduce traffic fatalities and interventions that prevent death and serious injuries
• End growth in the national transit maintenance backlog, reduce the current backlog by 15% and replace more than 1,700 aging subway, light rail, and commuter rail cars
• Replace over 10,000 fossil-fuel powered transit vehicles with cleaner electric or low emission transit vehicles
• Boost transit funding for communities all over the country by an average of 30% – allowing for communities to address maintenance backlogs, modernization and expansion
• Fund replacement of Amtrak railcars, including ones that are nearly a half-century-old, with state-of-the-art trains on routes that account for nearly half of Amtrak’s annual ridership
• Fund major bridge and tunnel replacement projects along the Northeast Corridor, which today is served by infrastructure, some of which dates back to the Civil War
• Put the Northeast Corridor states on track for their goal to save nearly 30 minutes in travel time each between New York City and D.C. and Boston and New York City
• Nearly cut in half the $43.6B backlog of airport modernization and safety projects identified by the FAA
• Replace up to 100 control towers at regional and municipal airports across the United States in the next decade
• Double investments in ports to help alleviate bottlenecks and increase sustainability
• Strengthen supply chains by investing almost $50 billion in our ports and airports on top of expanding existing programs that support freight investment across modes
• Along with the Build Back Better framework, create millions of new good-paying jobs for Americans

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Stadler Rail USA Grand Opening

Global Ingress was invited to the grand opening of the Stadler Rail USA facility in Salt Lake City, UT. It was a great event with great people. Global Ingress is very proud to work with Stadler Rail and providing Project Management support for the PTC integration to the Caltrain EMU’s.

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Strategic Alliance between Andreas Rickenbacher Management Ltd. and Global Ingress, Inc.

Toady we’re very proud to introduce the newly built strategic alliance between Andreas Rickenbacher Management Ltd. and Global Ingress, Inc. Our goal is to support small and medium sized technology companies in their market entry from Europe to the US or from North America to Europe. 

Please contact us for more information.

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United Rail is now Global Ingress

With all our experience out of the Rail Technology sector we feel competent to support technology outside of the rail market. We will focus our activities to US market entry support for European Technology Suppliers and for European market entry support for North American partners. Our core competency is Electrical -, Electronic – and Mechanical Technology. We can support in all business aspects like Engineering, Project Management, Manufacturing, HR Support, Legal Support, Admin Support and much more. We will continue to maintain and grow all our activities in the Rail Technology segment and just open up our spectrum.

With this step we decided to change the company name to Global Ingress. United Rail will remain active for the time being so that a flawless migration is guaranteed.

Please contact us in case we can provide more information.

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The Jacksonville Business Journal has once again chosen United Rail for their 50 Fastest Growing Companies list!

Also known as the FAST50, the Business Journal’s annual event pits the best companies in Jacksonville against each other.

With eligibility requirements such as:

  • an annual revenue of at least $1 million dollars
  • in business since 2013
  • and overall revenue growth for consecutive years

Only the best companies make the grade.

For more information about United Rail and it’s partners, please contact us.

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Railway Interchange 2017

United Rail will attend the 2017 Railway Interchange in Indianapolis, IN where we will proudly showcase our products and services.

The Railway Interchange is the largest combined railway exhibition and technical conference in North America. Their primary goal is to bring rail industry professionals together to promote the global rail marketplace.

Don’t miss out on the latest technology and services provided by the leading manufactures and consultants in the railway industry.

Save the dates! September 17 – 20, 2017 in Indianapolis, IN.

Be sure to visit the United Rail booths to see what products and services we have to offer.


To learn more about United Rail, please contact us.


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